Thank you for coming to the Boyertown Trolley web site to kick the tires of our used vehicles.   Our company has been in business since 1872 and we built our first trolley in 1975.   Our clients can be assured that we operate today with the same trust and quality that established our reputation over 146 years ago.   When we buy or trade for a vehicle, we inspect it and decide what we need to do to it to make it ready for revenue service.  Using the original engineering for that trolley, we enter into a rebuild program for that vehicle depending on our intended use or the needs of our client.

We can completely rebuild a trolley, using original components, or replacing them with rebuilt components.  Your trolley can be rebuilt in any way you desire.   A rebuilt trolley (engine, transmission, axles, suspension, new interior wood and seats, exterior paint and air conditioning) will sell for $65,000 to $125,000.   These trolleys will have a 2 month warranty on the body/chassis parts, a 6 month warranty on the transmission and a 1 year limited warranty on the engine.

Our used vehicles, that have been moderately rehabbed and are sold with a 30 day limited warranty.   Some vehicles are in various stages of rehab and can be purchased at any time, at a lower cost without any warranty and on an "as-is" basis.   However, Boyertown Trolley does not encouage a client to buy a trolley without some kind of warranty.   We also suggest to our clients to buy only from reputable companies that are in the trolley business, have run the trolleys in service with maintenance records and are registered with Dun & Bradstreet.    Call us toll free at 888-462-1026 for further information.

Boyertown Trolley also leases trolleys to qualified customers.  Our lease terms run a minimum of 4 months.  Options to purchase are also considered.

All of our vehicles that are for sale or lease are owned by a Boyertown related company and are located at our facility in Pensacola, Florida.   All of the trolleys, with the exception of the ones currently being refurbished, have been operated by Boyertown Trolley or Beach Bum Trolley in route service.

Click on any link for pictures and specifications.   The pictures for the vehicles without links will appear in the near future.

1989 Boyertown Trolley
$39,000 TB31
1989 Boyertown Trolley
$45,000 TB42
1985 Boyertown Trolley
$40,000 TB28
1994 Boyertown Trolley
$45,000 TB56
1994 Boyertown Trolley
$49,000 TB71
2002 Chance Coach Trolley
$59,000 TB79
2005 Freightliner Trolley
$49,000 TB80

2000 Dupont Trolley
$60,000 TB81

2004 Double K Trolley
$57,000 TB82


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